Open Letter to My Best Friend

To my best friend

We’ve only been in each others lives for just over a year or so now. but it feels like I’ve known you my whole life. you just get me. You’re the sister I never wanted but the one I got my choice and I’m I’m so happy that you’re in my life. It’s been a wild ride and I’m glad I met you, I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot and its only 4 lines in. haha. I’ve been working on this letter for months now. I just couldn’t see myself sitting down and writing this in one sitting… I fee like it wouldn’t be fair to you. so I took time a wrote it, granted most of the time that I am chipping away at this you are sitting next to me in class because we both know that we aren’t paying attention. you’re probably on pinterest and I’m attempting to pay attention and catch up on facebook….

Anyway, I remember the first day we met, almost like it was yesterday. it was the first day of summer crops class and I didn’t want to be there. it was 2pm and I was tired from the baking class I had that morning. I walked in and sat in the front row. furthest away from the door, though I never liked the front row. then people started trickling in. you being one of the and you sat next to a girl who was next to me. Then our teacher, who we both thought was hot, asked us to get into groups and introduce ourselves to the group. then after we had to introduce a member of the group to the class.. ya know usual first day bullshit. so we went around and we got to me. I then stated that I wasn’t a people person. more of I didn’t like people. our group laughed and we went on. you admitted that you loved people. I didn’t know how i felt about you. or really anyone in the class… but i figured we wouldn’t talk much more than that. then a few weeks later we got assigned our farm groups. and I wasn’t a huge fan of who I was with. you came up to me and we talked about it and then with a big smile you said “YOU SHOULD COME TO UFO WITH ME AND WE CAN CARPOOL” and that’s how it started. how our friendship started. a 45 min drive east, once a week we got to know each other really well. we laughed about stupid stuff and were practically joined at the hip at one point….

and at that point I knew I wasn’t going to get rid of you. not that I wanted to. haha. you were my rock. there when I needed it even when you didn’t know that I did. our wild adventures taught me about myself. I slightly envied you, you were what I always wanted to be. that wild and care free spirit, I was always to worried about taking that jump. that’s why I am how I am. I can say that you changed me. you made me feel a lot happier. you made me a little more care free, more daring to do things. go out and have fun. though I do love being home. not the point

I look up to you while still doing my own thing. you are hella supportive and it helps me stay focused. and I’m sorry that I have been weird lately. I don’t deserve someone like me. i am a giant pain in the ass if you haven’t noticed already. I feel like I always screw things up. and I’m sorry if i cause any unnecessary stress…. I don’t meant to….. i love you and you only deserve the best. I’m sorry if i broke your trust. I’m sorry things got weird, and I didn’t mean to, I never mean to hurt you in any way. and always know i am here for you just like you are here for me. I’m just a short drive away. or even a call or a text. say the word and i will be in my car on the way to you. I have been and always will be there for you… even if we haven’t talked for years.

I love you and I always will

your best friend, till your sick of me ❤

Becca H.


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