My Struggle with People

I don’t know what’s wrong with me…. I just don’t like people. granted I have a select few that I like or more ‘tolerate’ than others but a good 90% of people suck maybe even 93% hell I haven’t met them all yet. But from what I can tell I’m not wrong.

And I already hear it, you sitting there bitching saying that not all people are bad and not everyone has a nice side and blah blah blaaahhh. Fuck you. that’s what I have to say to that. just because they have a ‘nice side’ doesn’t mean that they are nice all the time. don’t get me wrong *ahem* for example., some douchebag in my program that I’ve had a few classes with thinks he’s the shit because he works at some fancy ass restaurant. but really he’s just a smelly gremlin and thinks he’s better than anyone else.. k? k. so for like a week this asshole decides to be friends with me, but really he’s doing it because he wants to boink one of my bestfriends…. see, asshole.

NOW. am I saying that I’m not an asshole??!?! NO OF COURSE NOT I go out of my way to be an asshole. I have those that I like and will be nice to then I have those I tolerate who I treat how they treat me, and finally we have everyone else… who I am a complete and utter asshole to….

ANOTHER example, this bitch. my friend has said nothing but good things about this chick and so I’m like ‘ok cool this bitch (meaning it in a nice way here) is going to be awesome,’ my friend thinks so, so that must mean something right? NAH this BEOTCH decides to be a complete asshole to me and overly kiss up to my friend when I’m around,… I’ve known my friend longer than this bitch has known her… don’t act like you were here first.     I. will. destroy. you.      simple. but WHATEVER. hey. I tried to be nice, I WENT OUT OF MY WAY to be nice, which is rare to say the least. and she still treated me like I was some stranger pretending to be nice… k BUH BYE

I know, you’re looking at this and realizing that I might be a *tad* bit over reacting. but hey, disrespect the law and you disrespect me …. sorry for the nerd reference. lol BUT ANYWAY as I was saying. I just have a general hate for all people who I don’t like, which is everyone.. so yeah.

I seem to be able to read people pretty well… ok not really, well most of the time, when its someone I don’t know, does that make sense? good! I don’t know I can just tell when someone is going to be an annoying asshole. or just annoying to the poing where I cant handle it easily. I guess its called a ‘vibe’ or an ‘ora’ or some shit like that. idk. I just have a sense for annoying people.

but it all boils down to one thing… maybe more but I can only think of one for now. I will treat you how you treat me, if you are an asshole to me 80% of the time and that 20% out of the blue you are nice? I’m still going to be an asshole.. why? because if I’ve learned anything, its that people will only change how they act toward you if they want something, like your bestfriend or food, or an invite to your party. it really hasn’t changed and it really wont ever change. granted, some people do change, I’ve seen it, hell I’ve even done it (I was never this much of an asshole). so it does happen. jsut be aware of when people are changing because they want something vs changing because they are growing as a person.


Say fuck it and do wild things ❤ (I’m changing my end tagline, hope that’s ok)

Becca H.


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