To the ‘girl’ who called me a bitch (indirectly)

I’m sorry I should be nicer

Dear asshole,
well not better but fuck it, it’ll do

We were only friends for a few months, though I have known you for longer. you see I remember you when I was working as a janitorial staff at a retail store where you were working as the cute floor staff, along with your now fiancé. I saw him more than I saw you, and that was more scheduling than actually me seeking him more than you. but whatever. I got along with you both but then I was struggling with my anxiety and depression and quit. I didn’t see you in toward the end of time there so I couldn’t tell you I was leaving. fast forward to about 2 or 3 years and i see you walk into my last job I see your now fiancé notice me but I didn’t know if he recognized me. as you completed your shopping and went to leave he came up to me and asked if i remembered you and i responded  “i never forget a face” and laughed a few weeks later I run Into you both again and we talked for a bit, then we add eachother on facebook and talk and then we hangout for the first time. which was fine. actually it was great I thought we were going to be friends

and that’s when things changed….

you were fine, don’t get me wrong. but that damned fiancé of yours. he becoame to much. he seemd to be obsessed with talking to me. he wouldn’t leave me alone… i was to polite to say that he was annoying me because it was a new friendship and i didn’t wanna ruin it. he ‘ran’ an “dank meme” group on facebook, if that doenst tell you what kind of a person he is i don’t know what to tell you. a 28 year old man acting like a 16 year old brat that just discovered the internet. to a certain extent in all about not acting your age… but this was way to much  he was always acting like he was better than me and that what he said was always right…. which you took his side and that made it worse. even when i know we both knew he wasn’t right…. but whatever

and it wouldn’t stop

I introduced you both to my boyfriend, which was risky on my part. but i did it because I felt uncomfortable being the ‘third wheel’ especially with the way he looked at me. not in like a ‘undressing with his eyes’ kind of way but more of a ‘I’m better than you and i don’t care who knows it’ like always making me feel terrible about myself. so one day i decided to fight back, (around the time where I said fuck it and posted something on here about speaking my mind)… this quickly changed things. he became slightly more aggressive in how he talked to me. and you…. you did nothing. so, i fought back more and more…

i had a party in December and you both showed up. which is fine i guess. but it was about 12:30 or 1 am and my best friend left for the night and then you flat out told me that you didn’t like her. you said she was to ‘ loud and obnoxious’ or something along those lines. but really, bitch, that’s why she was my friend. honestly she was the person i wish i could be sometimes, she helped me stay sane. and she was everything. but i blew it off because i wasn’t expecting you two to be friends. and i quite honestly didn’t care if you two were. she was my best friend.

anyway, it seemed to be that we were getting along fine. but something changed… of course something did. you became distant, but of course i didn’t help i wasn’t all about hanging out every week its just to much sometimes. then girls night happened…. i was alone with him for about 1 minunite, but before that he was all up in my face literally, i was so uncomfortable but you said and did nothing. kept doing what you were doing. and whatever, then you left… and this is where he flat out told me ‘i really wanna kiss you right now’ and being a good friend and not an asshole i flat out said no… because i knew what he ment to you and i didn’t want to fuckthat up…. that and he… wasn’t my type… so it would of never happened even if he was singe… i don’t care.

the distance continued, and whatever and he kept messaging me… and i finally snapped. you sent me a ‘dank meme’ involving my boyfriend. saying he was the ‘prettiest princess’ because that’s what i put on my profile picure, it was an inside joke… but whatever. you said something about doing whatever i wanted with it and i said no. because i don’t care about it and didn’t really care about showing my boyfriend. then he retaliated, posting more memes pointed at me and then telling me that you thought i was a bitch. so i went to confront you…. you ignored me. so i apologized if i did anything that hurt you, seeing that it was unintentional. again, you ignored me… then he harassed me for a good 3 days, constaing memes and snarky comments…

fast forward 2 or 3 months

i get a message from you… saying that I was the one that fucked up this friendship. it was ME treating him badly, and being snarky and ‘snobby’ then ending the long message saying that you don’t care what i have to say. so…. i have a few options, reply and point the finger back at him, reply and have dual blame on him and me (which is what i did) or take it publically and show everyone what he has said to me though screenshots and show them what you said to me (which is what i wanted to do… but i am a bigger person hense this… haha) so i politely said that she is blind to hime and told you about the girls night… and tell you that you always took his side and i didn’t feel appreciated… and a few toher things… and again,… you put me on ‘read’ and that is that

so i say this to you.. as a final thought before i close this chapter of my life and the end of my friendship with you. i remember you bitching that you don’t have a friends and that I’m awesome. and take this how you will, but maybe you don’t have friends because he is a childish asshole and you are blinded by the fact that he picked you and he might have possibly brainwashed you in believing you can do no better. but sweetie,, you are only 27 you are hot shit… you could do better.. but whatever. do what makes you happy. hope you read what i said and didn’t just blow it off as me being jealous. enjoy yourself and your ‘happy’ life.

The girl who told the truth and got shitted on, or more like, the girl who had enough and spoke her mind….


Becca H ❤


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