Things that you should experience before you die (but don’t have to)

So yes I know I should of posted a post a few weeks ago but really I couldn’t muster up all the thoughts and stuff I had. some days it would of been amazing to write that letter, other days it would of been passive aggressive. lol so I decided to do this just a generic list of things that make me who I am today. I’ve seen may of lists of “20 things you should do before your 20” or “places to see before you die” and I decided that was a chance to this soo here you go

  1. Go on a cruise
    – they are fun and exciting, I went on 2 Disney cruises and I liked them a lot. it was interesting to see different parts of the world and be in a ship, experiencing the culture.
  2. Being yourself for once.
    – yes you read that right. its hard to be yourself sometimes. and sometimes when it feels like you’re being yourself you actually might not be. take a minute and even if its with just one other person and let go. even if it seems weird, it can help. it helped me become more outgoing.
  3. Get stood up (even if you don’t plan to be)
    – being stood up can suck. but it can help you figure out who you are. its going to suck I know. I’ve been there. but it also gives you a chance go out on your own. yes I know it doesn’t make you feel any better. but truth be told, it made me feel better about myself. granted he confessed that he “was to scared to go out with me” but hey it worked. made me feel a little better.
  4. Don’t let people walk all over you.
    -if you’re a slight pushover like me its hard to not let people walk all over me because I like to please everyone. and I hate it when people are mad at me. but it gets to a point where you feel walked on and at some point you have to say fuck them and do what you want. even if it makes people upset, but I mean hey do what you want. and you will be happier
  5. Get a friend that’s just as unstable as you are.
    – my best friend is my rock. she has anxiety and depression like me. and we are there for each other. I know its weird to think that it would work but it does. we understand each other. we know what the other one needs when it. unlike my other friends she actually understands that some days i would rather stay home instead of go out
  6. learn how to slow down for once.
    – life can be so fast and you got to remember to slow down for a second. if you don’t you can get caught stressing more than you think. which might cause you to go a little crazy and dye your hair  (that’s how i handle stress sometimes)
  7. Be patient with your friends who want to hang out but cancel.
    – friends are a blessing and a curse. they are fun to be around but getting there is an issue. whether its schedule conflicts, or the inability to communicate, its always hard for you to get together. but stay strong, and do what i do and don’t hope that it will happen, if it does great if not then plan for another day
  8. Cry
    – Yes its ok to cry sometimes. hell sometimes it just happens because you’ve held it in for so long. but just know that it can help you… it might just mess up your makeup (if you wear it) but hey getting that little emotional pressure out of the way can make a world of difference
  9. Deal with difficult co-workers (and not in the way that you think)
    – sometimes work can be stressful, especially when you have to deal with an annoying co-worker. I’m actually dealing with this one at my current job. hes to…. much…. to say the least some times you just need a break from them but you cant… you learn more about what you do and it helps you focus. even though they might just piss you the fuck off. but it helps with patients
  10. Get a job where the boss gets you
    – my job is one of those “dream jobs” i get to make my own hours, as long as i get the job done and get it done right. but there are those rare occasions where I do se eher at work. and it is amazing. she hears me and is fun to joke with. and there are times when we don’t speak and just work.
    And finally
  11. Just say “fuck it” and do wild things
    – literally what it says, go on an adventures, dye your hair, travel, fall in love do something you don’t usually do.  have fun and at least keep with you do legal

Believe in your strength
Becca H. ❤


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