Exercise is a bitch

yes you read the title right. I started exercising about 3ish weeks ago. and got a membership about 2 weeks ago. I know impressive right? haha not. so APPARETNLY when one such as my self, and my best friend from what she’s told me, it is completely normal to not feel like happy and shit after. It can actually make you more emotional, like really?!? when I worked out at home I didn’t notice that as much. but now that I’m actually going somewhere and working out its happened a lot more. I literally almost had a giant panic attack because my roommate is a messy slob… and doesn’t know how to live on his own… asshole. yeah it was bad and I was crying for like an hour. like if I knew that exercising would make me a giant pussy I wouldn’t do it and deal with the fact that I’ve gained 7 lbs since I was at the doctor last, which was about maybe 4 months ago and I had a doctors apt 4 weeks ago ish… I’m bad at timelines. whatever. well besides that I do feel a little better about myself, and the gym I go to has this thing called “total body enhancement” and tanning, ooh and hydrotherapy massage. so I use those when I’m there too so its not all bad. my anxieties aside I do enjoy going there, not a huge fan of leaving the house and dressing in those pesky workout cloths that are not used for lounging but ehh. overall I’ve been sleeping better and I feel some improvement, I think, lol. But of course my boyfriend bitches and says that I should have a diet to match this workout but I say meh. I’m not eating as much as it is so its kinda like going on a diet right??? pizza FTW!! lol

But anyway I’ve been toying with the idea of writing another “open letter” things to my best friend. but there are times I wanna be passive aggressive in it and I just haven’t tried or bothered to write it down and make it work. haha. but it should come out soon. possibly In the next few weeks or whatever. my first set of 8week classes end this wendsday  and I’m surprisingly not stressed. seeing that I have 2 projects, one paper and 3 tests and seeing that I only have 1 of the first two done, I’m actually pretty chill. shocker… meh. I’m almost done with another one and can easily bullshit one project, kinda, it should be easy. well wish me luck then. kinda felt like ranting and stopping my next post from being later than it should. lol have a good week all. be posting soon


Believe in your strength
Becca H ❤


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