More Book Writing

I didn’t realize its  been 23 days since I posted anything and I decided that wouldn’t fly. I’ve been writing a little more, although I’ve also been slacking… meh… lol lets hope its just as good as the last post. its more of a continuation because that’s as far as I’ve got.

here we go

       Jamie shutters at what she just saw… she looks at her notes… she rarely writes anything when Casiana is in the room…. She only jots down important problems… Today there were only two notes… nothing unusual the past few months… She pulls the door to her cabinet and pulls out Casiana’s file… its gotten bigger over the years… Only about an inch or so big by now…. she thumbs through the notes and looks at how much they both have changed, what they have talked about and what the plans were for the future… She laughs at one of the pages, Casiana had major trust issues and Jamie made her be her therapist and listen to what Jamie had to say, as an exercise… She adds todays notes and pushes it back into the cabinet….

Casiana finally makes it home. She hated taking the bus but didn’t trust walking, not anymore anyway. She closes the door behind her and is immediately greeted by her 25 lb pomski. She walks to the slider and opens it, and then the eager poof runs out the door. she watches the puppy jump happily around the back yard… she remembers what it was like before… before the pain before the torture… she shutters briefly… It feels like a dream every time she thinks about things before, like it never actually happened, like she was going to wake up and be stuck in that cold dark room again…

She gasps and opens here eyes. She’s staring at the ceiling. she shoots up and looks around… ‘I must of fainted again’ said mumbled to herself… she’s not sure how long she’d been out…. she looks at the clock.. ‘its only been 5 minutes’ she thought briefly sighing of relief… she then feels slight pressure on her bladder… she looks to. see her puppy standing and staring at her..

‘Alright. Rosie that’s enough… moms ok. go lay down…’ she says as she pushes Rosie off of her lap… she gets up slowly and proceeds to head to the living room. she stands in the entryway head spinning from the day. Thoughts and feelings rush through her head. she grips onto the wall trying to keep herself from falling again. she thinks about her therapy session, she feels her stomach turn remembering what she said, what happened. she sighs deeply shaking her head slightly….

She slowly makes her way to the couch, she sat down and pulled out a black notebook with gold pages and opened to where the red bookmark held its place. she took a deep breath and took a pen that was on the table. she took a deep breath and started writing, she kept a journal about every time she passed out, and what happened before it. she started tearing up and looked up. ‘it usually isn’t this painful’ she thought clenching the pen in her hand, ‘what is wrong with me’ she adjusted slightly and took a deep breath.. she finished her thoughts and quickly tucked the journal away.

She sits and knows that there is no other way, its better on paper than in her head. she grabs the remotes to her tv and xbox and turned on netflix. ‘something simple to keep my mind off of things’ she mumbled… ‘no… no… no… hell no…. fuck this…’  she sighed and settled for Supernatural, she’s watched this 100x but its always her go to… it reminds her that life could be worse.

She is shaken from her trance when her phone starts ringing. ‘ what the fuck’ she said. she picked it up to check who it is… unknown number…. she stares at it for a second and answers it… “hello?” she said with a shaky voice.

“Didn’t think I would find you did you?” a dark husky voice said over the line, it kinda sounded like the voice was being disguised but she recognized the voice all to well

“How the hell did you get this number?” she said with a stern voice with a hint of fear… she closed her eyes and hoped that he didn’t sense the fear

“hehe… that therapist of yours is very talkative, I see why you like her” he paused hoping to hear a response” but remember Bitch you’re mine. I will get you back”

She muted the phone and panted in fear.. why now? breathing heavily she calms herself and unmutes the phone… “I thought you were in jail…” she said trailing off

“You think a jail cell would keep me away from you?” he said gloatingly, like he was proud of it., “but I have once simple problem sweetie… I cant figure out where you live, the Doc doesn’t have your address anywhere at least anywhere at the office… be a dear and tell me where you live.”

Her breathing got heavier and she decided enough was enough, she hung up and quickly shut her phone off. she runs to the Bedroom and looks out the window.. frantically looking for any signs of him or his gang… she sighs briefly and backs away from the window. she walks over to her bed and reaches under her bed and grabs a spare phone. she knew one day this would happen so she always kept two phones around ‘ if there’s one thing that asshole was good for it was this’ she laughed to herself… she quickly opened the phone and started looking for Jamie’s number. ‘I have to make sure she’s ok… I would die if something happened because of me’  she shuddered at the thought and put the phone to her ear.

Well lets hope that was as good as the last one.. By birthday is tomorrow so I’m excited for that… haha have a good week

Believe in your strength ❤
Becca H


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