Titles are Boring

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL….. is it still socially acceptable to say that? … meh who cares.

Just thought I would just write shit. since my short mental break from school and  since I started writing this stuff I’ve not had any issues besides the spouts of depression here and there, which my therapist thinks its because of period timing (about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before it starts is when hormones and stuff make us moody) but ehh. everyone is different I guess. I feel like the posts I’ve been putting here lately haven’t been as interesting or as heart felt. idk why… I guess mostly because I don’t have as many issues. and I feel like I’ve stretched the whole anxiety and depression stuff in almost every possible way… but here I am still posting every few weeks, when I remember or when I get a chance or think about something to write…

I’m almost done with my degree I just have this semester (about 5 classes or so) one more class then an internship. its a relief to hear and see that I am almost done but its also scary… but I’m not done. I want to finish my dream of being a vet. which I’ve wanted since I was a little girl, I just don’t feel right not doing it. I’m also working on starting a business. a bakery, type thing, don’t wanna spill to many details because I don’t know if anyone would steal it. its a work in progress to say the least, I’ve been wasting my time baking and finding the right fit so I can start actually getting my name licensed and start selling and what not. I think I’m going to start orders and delivering before I actually start at an actual place.  it might work… I guess I’m more stressed about that than everything else…. but I’ll get there.. hopefully…

Amongst other things all is well, life is as good as It can be for a 20 something in the start of 2017. personal life is better, I think I have been with friends more, which is good… I guess…  long story but I’m not a huge fan of my friends fiancé… he’s nice and all its just he…. how do I describe him….. here we go a schizophrenic 17 year old who just found out about memes and acts like he came up with it (kinda like Miley Cyrus and twerking a few years ago) but he’s not really 17 he’s more 27 ish and smokes weed somewhat constantly. which I have nothing against weed, but there is a thing called “too much”… and me (and my boyfriend) can really only handle him in small doses…. but he is always with my friend… so its not like I can just see her… for example. we had girls night… a few of her girlfriends and I got together and watched movies and what not.. and he was going to leave but didn’t and I swear the whole time he was staring at me…. and kept like getting uncomfortably close… it was just him and I in the apartment at one point and he says, out of nowhere mind you, ” I really wanna kiss you” LIKE DUDE DONT! I will NOT EVER do that to my friend. I don’t care if you ‘want’ to doesn’t mean I’m going to. but yeah ever since then I’ve just been ignoring him… as much as i can… which sadly means ignoring her…. I’m not necessarily happy about it but whatever.

As a briefly mentioned above, I do have a boyfriend. I don’t remember mentioning him but there I said it… haha… its only been about 5 months but as I stated in my previous blog “openish letter to the man who’s stealing my heart ” there’s something about him. and yes it is the same guy from that letter… funny thing he saw it… but I think that helped us get together…. but anyway… this is the part where I tell you i think he’s the one (which i low key do but I’m waiting it out). but dudes seriously, I cant tell the future, for all i know this could crash and burn shortly after I hit publish… lets hope not but still.  he makes me happy and keeps me sane and that’s all I can ask for ❤

alright I think over 730 words is more than enough… we can leave it here for a few weeks… Thank you all for everything, spare me a thought now and again or nah whatever…

Believe in your strength ❤

Becca H.


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