Who really needs a title?

     This week has been nothing but amazing…. well ok not all of it has been amazing but I’m content with how this week has gone. I’ve been doing a lot more than I have ever have before. I don’t know what it is. I went out to breakfast my myself which I never do.. too much anxiety for that… well honestly I got stood up but I didn’t let that stop me from over coming my fear of leaving my house and being somewhere alone. but it was nice, yes this guy that stood me up is an a-hole and he’s begging for another chance. and I probably would of gave him another chance a few weeks ago. but I’ve changed and I’m not going to let some guy keep me away from being happy… and because I haven’t bothered giving him much of a chance. I’m a lot happier, its nice. and I feel better about life. I’ve been hanging out with more people and being more social which is an amazing feeling. I feel like I’m smiling a lot more 🙂
I’ve been walking and working out a lot more too which is saying a lot seeing that I get winded when I walk up the stairs haha. with the new Pokémon go app out that is a lot of motivation to do stuff.. but I’m not really like wandering around 24/7 looking for Pokémon. but if I’m walking my dog I will open the app and walk around. but I’ve also been feeling more energized and I feel better about my body. ya know I feel weird writing this stuff to put it out in a blog because I feel like people wouldn’t give a flaming pile of pig crap what i have to say let alone how I really feel… but at this point I’m just doing this to get my thoughts out there and for some on reason not having them just saved on my computer I can “let it go” if you will and send it out to the world. I mean I feel like my life can be an open book for the most part.
I’ve been kind of dating again, and that’s an experience… I don’t miss dating… its a pain. I mean you find a nice one and feel like you two are connected but he is either a fuck boy or just not interested. its hard to find the good ones, you will find ones that cant keep their hands off of you, or they try to hard to get a kiss when you don’t feel ready for it. or they start moaning when you do let the kiss you… or they get weird quick and you need an escape plan… or you really feel like you connected and there’s something there and then they “ghost” you or stop acting interested, or they stand you up because apparently that’s a thing lol or there are the ones that send you pictures of them.. not dick pics. and it looks like they have a stick up there ass or they are holding their breath like they are hiding something. or you actually get the unexpected dick pic.. like why! some guys are so difficult. you don’t know what they want and when you finally find out you either invested your time into them or moved on. and then its to late and emotions are crushed.
All in all my life is pretty good its been about a week since my last post and im not 100% sure when I will post another one. but I will keep posting probably about random stuff not just about how my life is going… or maybe not I haven’t decided :3 when I feel like writing ill just let it flow. like this. but sometimes I feel like I’m rambling… on and on till someone says “oh just shut up already” haha but that will be all for now I hope you have a great few weeks and I will be posting soon hopefully
Believe in your strength ❤
Becca H.

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