Random thoughts and stuff

People never stop surprising me…  you think you know them and think that they wont hurt you or that they wont act like their ex  but what happens, the complete opposite. they hurt you or the end up sleeping with someone. so now you’re not sure how to feel about them anymore and you just sit and wonder about what you did. what in the world happened to make you a target for that pain… you try to stop thinking about it or your friends try to make you feel better but it never seems to work..

but really its not you… and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you are amazing and things happen for a reason… you are special, and its not the end of the world. and I know you’re thinking, maybe if I was prettier, or maybe if I wasn’t how I am. but NO that is not it at all… you… yes you, need to knock that out right now. negativity isn’t going to solve your problem.. we need to learn how to love ourselves, and stop being so negative about our bodies. Trust me I know its hard..i’ve been dealing with it for years. its how our society has raised us… but if you really try… cut the negativity from your life, stay positive, love what you see in the mirror it will work out.

Its going to be hard but lets do it. you and me. try our hardest to love ourselves, and don’t let what happened in your past effect your future… sometimes I feel like its going to be a challenge. and I know that these posts have only been sad and depressing. but I get bored and I think its a good idea to start writing.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong I like the forth of July.. my 20ish pound puppy on the other hand,…. not so much…. thank god the fireworks have stopped because she was non stop barking… she hates fireworks and thunderstorms…. and seeing where I live apparently thunderstorms only happen at night… that’s annoying and apparently it knows and always storms when I need to wake up early in the morning… soo that’s always a joy… but thank the gods or just one god .. whatever… that she is passed out right now…  and sorry for the typos.

have a good night all, stay safe, and believe in your strength,

Becca H ❤


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